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Buying a Home

Family Purchasing a new home.
As an Accredited Buyer’s Representative, I have gone through additional training, have proven experience representing buyers and that extra edge you have been looking for. I am your ABR®. An ABR® can provide you with valued assistance throughout the transaction and help you make informed decisions that will lead to a successful home purchase.

Selling Your Home

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Selling your home can be easy. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen. Selling your home in the Goldsboro, NC area is a big decision that involves a lot of preparation and work that’s why it is important that you have an experienced real estate agent to handle the details and work for you. We, at the Atlantic Coastal Real Estate, can help you every step of the way. We know how to handle every aspect of the sales process – from strategically marketing and showcasing your home to making sure everything’s signed, sealed and delivered by the closing date.

Military Relocation

As a certified military real estate agent, I understand the immediate housing needs of our military families. Military members often receive their orders and have approximately three months to relocate, making this process relatively quick. Having dealt with many military relocations, I understand the challenges that arise and have developed a method to make the transition smooth and easy. The process can be challenging, but with an organized, experienced military relocation expert such as myself, you won't feel the stress. Being a certified AHRN and local realtor gives me an edge over other realtors. AHRN is the preferred and trusted housing referral resource for the military community designed to assist the military community in locating available housing. I have lived in this community my whole life and know this community like the back of my hand.

How The Process Works

What others have to say...

Here's what some of Catherine's clients have to say about working with her:
  • "Allow Catherine to help you find your next home, she is an amazing realtor. I was a first time home buyer and I had tons of questions and concerns, every time I contacted her she responded with sincere enthusiasm and assisted me every step of the way. I viewed the home I purchased on 9/22 and we closed on that home on 10/22! A 30 day close ! I greatly enjoyed having her in my corner !" Shatrice Baker La Grange, NC
  • “I have had multiple transactions with Catherine she has always been efficient and on time and informative. She explained the process and made it as seamless as possible. I would recommend Catherine Tanner as a realtor.” Cole Coleman Goldsboro, NC
  • “My experience with Catherine Tanner has been great. From the start of discussing the sell of my home, she was excited, knowledgeable, helpful, and honest." Timothy & Tomesha Jones  LaGrange, NC
  • “Catherine was amazing to work with. She went above and beyond to help me sell my house. She is very kind and helpful and you cannot go wrong with her as your realtor." Lisa Wilson Goldsboro, NC
  • “A wonderful hard working lady that wants her clients to be happy!” Deborah Davis Goldsboro, NC
  • “Working with Catherine was a pleasure. She always kept us informed and was always willing to answer any questions we had. She was very friendly and most important, she sold our house quickly. I would recommend Catherine for your real estate needs.” Amy Whitfield  Pikeville, NC
  • “Catherine was so professional, and working with her was a joy. She was always on time for our appointments and whatever we asked of her she did everything in her power to assist and make sure my husband and I was satisfied.” Annie Moore Goldsboro, NC

Why us?

Local Realtors like myself can be the perfect first point of contact in your new community even before your arrival.

I can be a valuable asset by:

  1. Acting as your expert in the home buying process, as I do this for a living.
  2. Helping you evaluate homes.
  3. Advising you on neighborhoods and schools.
  4. Alerting you to commuter times and more.
  5. Lining up homes to show you, saving you time from doing it yourself.
  6. Offering you negotiation expertise with an ability to craft a purchase agreement that gives you flexibility.
  7. Doing all the paperwork involved in buying a home.
I, as a Realtor, can be a great resource, especially if your timeline is tight and you are ready to buy. An agent in your new location can schedule several showings on one day or weekend and help you make an offer quickly if necessary. If you decide to buy a home sight-unseen, they can also serve as your eyes and ears during the process. A good Realtor is also an expert in the home buying process, which can be complicated.

Work with Me
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Questions & answers

I’m thinking about purchasing a house. What do I need to do first?

The most critical first step before you even begin your search for that perfect home is to secure financing. Go to your bank/lender of choice and get what lenders call a “pre-qualification letter” or “pre-qual letter”. Some homeowners now require that you have this before they will even allow individuals to view their home.

Why hire a realtor?
p>Because the last thing you want to do is leave money on the table! Research has shown that sellers that are For Sale By Owners, or FSBO’s, typically leave up to 30% of the sales price on the table, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. That calculates to $60,000! Also, there are numerous legal forms that will need to be filled out and Realtors have the knowledge and experience needed to assist you with this. Your Realtor will also know of changes coming to neighborhoods that might impact your decision as well as your investment.

What is the Due Diligence Period?

This is the period of time when the buyer has time to “do his/her homework” on the property. It’s important to order all inspections, appraisals, wood-destroying organisms inspection (for termites and such), radon inspection, lead base paint inspection if the property was built before 1978, defective drywall, insurance eligibility, search the title history and get owner’s title insurance, check out HOA covenants and restrictions. If there is something during this time period that cannot be fixed to the buyers satisfaction the buyer can back out of the sales contract at this time. Just keep in mind that the Due Diligence Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE!

What is Earnest Money Deposit?
An Earnest Money Deposit is a good faith deposit that shows that you, the buyer, are serious enough about buying the home that you’re willing to put some money on the line. If there are no issues and the contract goes through, the EMD is treated as part of your down payment.
What is the best way to tell my realtor what I am looking for in a property?
In residential let them know your budget, preferred school district, where you work and how far is too far for you to drive, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, do you need acreage, style of home you like, does everything need to be on 1 floor, do you need a fenced in backyard, city vs county, garage, what other amenities are a must? What is your time frame for moving and do you have to sell your current home?
We fell in love with a house that is way out of our budget. What do we do?
This happens all the time! This is why the pre-approval process is so important. This lets you know what your lender feels you can afford. And don’t forget that that is just the mortgage. Then comes all the other monthly bills like insurance, water, electricity, internet, phone, taxes, and with homeownership comes repairs. So, be realistic with your Realtor and he/she will help you find the perfect property for you AND your budget.
Are there any loans that can help first-time buyers or Military Service Members?
Absolutely! Many people forget to check into VA, USDA, and FHA loans. Make sure your agent understands these government programs that make it easy to buy a home with zero or little down.
Can I do anything to help in making my mortgage go through?
Yes! Check your credit score and correct any errors you find immediately. Also, don’t purchase any large ticket items (ie: cars, boats etc) during the property buying process until you are moved in.
How long does the home buying process take?
Not including all the looking you will be doing, but our mortgage lenders ask for us to tell our buyers to expect 45 days from “contract-to-close”.
Can you think of any mistakes you have seen others make that I could avoid?
Yes! Don’t forget to save, save, save! Save for your down payment and closing costs! People always forget about these and then I see the panic look on their faces. Know it’s coming, know it’s painful, but know it’s worth it!